Love Instagram? Who To Follow for Advice on College and Jobs

We all spend too much time on social media. It may be hard to break the habit (and let’s face it, nobody wants to), but there are ways to make social media activity work for you. Let’s look at Instagram.

First, consider unfollowing many of your IG accounts during crunch times. If you have work due, looming application deadlines, or if you’re just juggling too much, unfollow your favorite fluff accounts. You know the ones we’re talking about: the funny memes, your favorite influencers or celebrities, the cute pet videos. Don’t worry, as soon as you finish your work, you can follow them again. Sometimes you need to eliminate distractions.

Second, fill your Instagram feed with helpful content. Whether you need financial advice, essay- or resume-writing tips, help with college, or inspiration for your career choices, these accounts can help you think about your future while you stay focused on today.

FYI: Just like our TikTok picks for college and financial aid advice, some of these Instagram accounts have a promotional angle. There’s plenty of free advice and resources to make them worth your while, but some content creators also offer consultations, courses, and even merchandise for a fee.

Take a look at our recommendations. Then let us know about IG accounts you follow for college and financial advice. 🙂


Get Schooled @getschooled

This is the official IG account for Get Schooled, a nonprofit dedicated to helping “young people get into college, find first jobs, and succeed at both.” You’ll want this in your feed for reminders about scholarships and deadlines and for quick tips on everything from how to boost your college application and pick a major to study tips and finding seasonal work. For more substantive information and advice, head over to the Get Schooled website and check their linktree often.


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First Gen Support @firstgensupport

Julia Sun founded First Gen Support on her 18th birthday as a way to help students like herself who are the first generation in their family to attend college. Since Sun’s first Instagram post back in 2020, First Gen Support has grown into a community of students creating and sharing opportunities. Follow @firstgensupport for college, exam prep, financial aid and scholarship advice, and then join the community of students over on their main website to learn lots more.


Salary Transparent Street @salarytransparentstreet

You need this one in your feed for the inspiration and no-nonsense advice. As its name suggests, Salary Transparent Street is dedicated to helping people know their worth and what salary they should earn at their job. What we like most about this IG account are the great interviews, where people from all backgrounds share how they chose their career paths, what they like about their jobs, what advice they have for job seekers, and most importantly, what they earn and why they chose their career. Seriously, take a look at this interview with a traveling nurse. There is also a LinkedIn group and an online store that offers more resources, including some for free.


First Gen Living @firstgenliving

Maria Melchor is a first-generation Yale graduate and financial advisor to first-generation college attendees like herself. She offers advice on everything from budgeting and investing in 401(k) plans and Roth IRAs, to health insurance and the benefits of travel during college. She also offers private counseling for a fee, but she offers a free newsletter and other resources like her best picks for credit cards.


Your Rich BFF @your.richbff

Vivian (“Your Rich BFF”) is a former trader on Wall Street who now doles out advice on managing personal finances. Follow her account for her fast-talking tips on choosing the right credit cards, getting refunds for canceled flights, salary transparency, the best online deals, how to get free tickets and gym passes, and more. Sign up for her free newsletter and browse more resources over on her website.


Wonsulting @wonsulting

This IG account is all about the job hunt. Whether you’re applying for part- or full-time work during college or after graduation, or are looking to change careers, @wonsulting offers lots of helpful advice such as resume and cover-letter hacks, how to deal with entry-level job listings that ask for experience (😡) and lots of great tips for making the most of LinkedIn.