Decision Day Considerations

When do I need to make my decision?

Your deadline will vary depending on the school and program. Famously, College Decision Day is on May 1 for many students starting school in the fall. But there are exceptions.
You will need to declare much earlier if you applied for an early decision. Career and technical colleges, community colleges, and many public four-year institutions have rolling admissions, which have more flexible deadlines. Special programs often have their own deadlines. Be sure to look up the deadline for your college and program.

How do I accept a college offer?

This is typically done online. Find your college acceptance letter. Follow the directions to officially accept.

What if I’m waitlisted?

Sad to say, your odds of getting accepted off a waitlist are low. Even if you’re eventually accepted, you may be at the back of the line for college institutional aid and any special funding that is first come, first served. Be sure to factor that into your decision. You may accept an offer at one college and take a later waitlist offer, but you will lose your original deposit.

What if I missed the acceptance deadline?

Contact your college’s admissions office immediately. Let them know why you missed the deadline by being clear and courteous. Each school’s response will vary.

What is a college enrollment deposit?

It secures your spot in college. The cost ranges between $100 and $300. (It’s typically higher at private colleges.) This enrollment deposit is nonrefundable. You won’t get this money back if you change your mind. Ask if the deposit can be waived.