Five Ways To Find College Money on TikTok

Many students and families struggle to afford college. We all need counseling to help us get through the application and financial aid process. The good news is that counseling tips are available with the swipe of your index finger — on TikTok!

While there are websites that are helpful for understanding the application and financial aid process, some are easier to navigate than others, and they lack the personal touch you’d get from a college counselor.

That’s why counselors and financial advisors are setting up shop on TikTok and sharing advice on everything from FAFSA help and late-breaking scholarship opportunities to essay writing tips and lighter topics such as dorm room essentials.

So for financial aid, start with our FAFSA: How-To Guide for High School Students with helpful advice on the FAFSA and scholarships. Then head over to TikTok. Browse through the channels below to find some of the help you need.

FYI: Everyone on TikTok is promoting something, either their own creative work or a business. Our five popular TikTok channels have a promotional edge like all of the others. Take a look at our recommendations. Then let us know about your favorite college money TikTok channels. 🙂


Abisola Akinkuowo @thecollegefundingqueen

Abisola Akinkuowo, aka The College Funding Queen, provides deep insight into navigating the FAFSA process. She offers lots of great dos and don’ts and how-to tutorials. She also runs a Facebook group (but you need to check TikTok to see all her content). Akinkuowo is also available for private consultations, but she charges for that.

@thecollegefundingqueen Congrats on your full ride! Im so happy to be apart of your financial aid story!!! Send this to others who need more money for college! #scholarship #MomsofTikTok #parentsoftiktok #financialaid #collegedecisions #scholarships ♬ original sound – Abisola Ude


Ryan Kelly @ryan.kel

Ryan Kelly was a self-described “broke” student who got over $150,000 in scholarships for college. She shares how she got the money for college, posts scholarships worth applying for, and offers lots of no-nonsense advice such as how to reuse scholarship essays. She also talks about ways that parents can help (and also sabotage) their student’s scholarship chances, and suggests questions to ask colleges that will get you more financial aid.

@ryan.kel Reply to @hestiamillicent how to (and how NOT to) start your scholarship essay w/ a personal story #scholarship #scholarships #scholarshiptips #essay ♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo Banking for Students @mosdotcom

Like its website,’s TikTok channel offers a broad range of financial advice for students such as applying for aid with the FAFSA, negotiating with schools for aid, and avoiding significant debt.

@mosdotcom get off the FOR YOU page and do something FOR YOUR future 🤑 #fafsa #financialaid ♬ original sound –


Scholarship Guru @espdaniella 

Follow this account if you’re looking for college scholarships. The Scholarship Guru continually posts new scholarship opportunities ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. She also offers advice on a broad range of topics, such as essay hacks, getting refunds for classes, FAFSA tips, and much more.

@espdaniella #stitch with @Ché are scholarships easy to win? No. Are there easy applications? Yes. There is a difference. But the longer and harder a scholarship application is the more likely you are to win. Students gravitate towards easy applications and neglect harder ones. #scholarship #fafsa #collegegotmelike #studyhacks #studywithme #studytok #highschool #middleschool #collegelife ♬ original sound – Scholarship Guru


Mari | College Counselor @collegeaccessandwellness

Mari is a college counselor with a big following who offers lots of advice on completing the FAFSA and finding scholarships. She also tackles other topics of interest such as must-haves for your dorm and the benefits and downsides of taking dual-credit or Advanced Placement courses in high school.

@collegeaccessandwellness♬ original sound – Mari||Counselor NCC