Giving Consent

What does it mean to give consent to share my tax information?
You’re saying that it’s OK for the IRS to import some of the information in your tax returns to the FAFSA.
Does everyone need to give consent?
Yes. Anyone providing information on your FAFSA must agree to share their tax information. This includes you and whichever parent or parents need to help you with the form.
What if my family doesn’t file taxes?
That’s fine. But you still need to give consent to share your tax information. The IRS will notify colleges that you don’t file taxes. In many cases, this will mean you get more financial aid.
What if one or both of my parents don’t have Social Security numbers?
This is common. There’s a new process for parents who don’t have Social Security numbers. They will be asked a few background questions to verify their identity when they sign up for an FSA ID, similar to questions seen on a credit check. There’s also an option to call the FAFSA help desk to complete this process.
What if my parents don’t want to give consent?
You won’t get federal aid. If your parents are required to help you fill out your FAFSA, they are required to give consent. Ask a school counselor or an adult you trust to reach out and talk through their concerns.