Headed to College? Check Our To-Do List

It’s August and college will begin soon. If you’re planning to go to school in September, you’ve been spending the summer getting prepared.

But there are probably things you still need to do. Watch your email daily to keep up with your college’s last-minute requests. Also sign up for text reminders, if your college offers them.

Enjoy the anticipation of these last days of summer. Classes will be starting soon!


Our College Enrollment To-Do List

This handy checklist covers it all. Read on to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

1. Everything for Admission

Make sure you’re in the system and getting all notifications. Did you get all of your required placement exams done?

2. Orientation

Learn how the college works and what you’ll need to do before classes start. Be sure to attend as many orientation events as you can for your school, your major, and any special programs you are part of.

3. Accept financial aid

Look through your financial aid package and meet with a counselor to decide how you will pay. You may get loan counseling and need to sign payment agreements. Make sure everything is in order.

4. Pay up

You may be using a mix of grants, scholarships, and loans. Or perhaps you’re paying out of pocket with savings or a payment plan. Figure out how you will be paying your college bills this year.

5. Finalize housing and food

Students living on campus will need to register for housing and a meal plan. Look for options that fit your budget.

6. Handle health

Submit your immunization records and arrange for health insurance. Be sure to turn down the school’s insurance by the deadline if you’ll be covered under your family’s plan.

7. Register for classes

Watch your email for instructions on getting in touch with your academic advisor and finalizing your classes. You may have registered for classes during summer orientation. Make sure you got the classes you requested.

8. Ask for advice

Wondering which classes to take first in your major? How to get academic help? Best clubs to join? College staff are happy to help.

9. Confirm Your move-in date

What do you need to know about moving in, if you plan to live on campus?

10. Confirm your first day of classes

You wouldn’t want to miss your official first day of college!