Need Help With the College Hunt? Try TikTok

Feeling overwhelmed by the college search process? Looking for new ways to pay for college? Get some help with our latest finds on TikTok.

Building on our popular lists of TikTok and Instagram accounts worth following, we’ve found five more TikTok creators who offer solid advice on the college search process. These creators can help you from the beginning to the end: Getting organized, creating college lists, applying for aid, comparing your offers – and taking care of yourself during this stressful process.


Class Clown? There’s Hope

Try following Brandon Tineo @tineocollegeprep

Brandon Tineo runs a college counseling company focused on helping students get into hyper-competitive colleges. This account is full of practical tips such as comparing college acceptance trends, how to ask for and get recommendations from teachers on time, and what to do if you’re torn between schools. We like the hope he offers to ambitious class clowns everywhere.


This is how class clowns get into their dream colleges . . . . . . . . . . . . . #college #collegetok #collegeadmissions #collegelife #highschool

♬ original sound – 𝑬𝒂𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒈𝒆 ★


Visiting Colleges? Take a Class

Try following Harlan Cohen @helpmeharlan

Harlan Cohen has written a series of popular college life books and offers lots of advice on both managing life and getting into college. We like how he suggests that students should sit in on a class or two when checking out colleges. It can be a key factor in narrowing down your college choice.


College Tip 1073: If you’re torn between schools or you’re still in the college exploration phase… #college #admissions #helpmeharlan #collegetips

♬ original sound – Harlan Cohen

Fatherly Advice on Appealing for More Aid

Try following Kevin Davenport @collegemoneyinsider

Kevin Davenport is an experienced accountant with lots of tips for getting the most aid possible from colleges. Learn how to manage your finances and maximize your financial aid package. We love his advice on hitting up the college admin staff for financial aid intel.


Who You Can See When Financial Aid Lets You Down! #greenscreen #FinancialAid #trending #ForYouPage #CollegeTips #CollegeAdvice #FAFSA #Scholarships #parents #parentsoftictok #moneytok #hamptonuniversity

♬ Sunshine – WIRA

Looking for Scholarships? Where to Start

Try following Ms. Bo @thatschoolcounselor

Ms. Bo is a school counselor everyone wishes they had. She offers a broad range of advice from college picks and keeping track of applications, to choosing high school courses that prepare you for college and avoiding senior year burnout. We especially like her advice on finding local scholarships.


3 strategies to help you find scholarships and also help you negotiate your financial aid offer to help pay for college #thatschoolcounselor #fafsa #financialaid #collegescholarship #scholarships #payforcollege #findingscholarships #howtofindlocalscholarships

♬ original sound – Ms. Bo

Your FAFSA Questions Answered

Try following Ms. Mari @academicaccessnwellness

Ms. Mari is one of the few TikTok creators taking on this season’s complicated FAFSA questions. Tune in to get her latest thoughts. She offers a broad range of advice on financial aid and other college topics.


Replying to @Woody1818 #fafsa #fafsaexplained #fafsa2024 #fafsa101

♬ original sound – academicaccessnwellness


Your college journey is uniquely yours. While these accounts offer solid advice, their main purpose is to point you in the right direction and to help you ask good questions. Use these accounts to learn as much as you can. Then work with your parents, counselors, and the colleges you are interested in to get the information you need to make the best possible choices.

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