Parents & Family

What if my parents are divorced or separated?

You need to fill out the FAFSA with the parent who provides you with the most financial support. Usually, this is the parent you live with the most, but there may be exceptions. If the parent who is filling out the FAFSA with you has remarried, you need to include your stepparent’s information too.

What if my parents live together but aren’t married?
If they are your parents, by birth or adoption, both will fill out the FAFSA with you.
What if I live with a relative or family friend?

It depends. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, older siblings, and family friends are not considered parents on the FAFSA unless they have legally adopted you. But you may be an “unaccompanied minor” if you are supporting yourself financially and at risk of becoming homeless. If so, you will be able to file the FAFSA without your parents’ help. The FAFSA will ask about your living situation.

What if my family and I are homeless or living in temporary housing?

You will most likely fill out the FAFSA with one or both of your parents since they are available. Also contact your college financial aid office to see if there is additional help they can offer.

Are my parents required to help me pay for college?

No. Your parents do not have to help you pay for college, no matter how much they earn. It’s their choice. If your parents are worried about filling out the FAFSA, this may ease their minds. Let them know you must fill out this form to get financial aid.