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Need Help Explaining the FAFSA and Financial Aid?

We know that filling out the FAFSA and figuring out financial aid can be daunting for anyone. But this process can be particularly intimidating for families who are new to the college hunt or students who may need to do much of the work on their own.

Teachers, college access counselors, and caring adults can make all the difference. 

Do your students and families have questions? Our guide was written to tackle them. We cover the basics of getting started, what to expect on the FAFSA, and what to expect after the form is submitted. Later in the year, we are here to help your students compare their college financial aid offers when the acceptance letters start rolling in.

Download and distribute our free guide today. Share the website widely. 

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Most importantly, we want to hear from you. Let us know how your work is going and what you need to better help your students and families.

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Additional Resources
For Educators and Counselors


Financial Aid for College: High School Toolkit

Educators start here for everything you need to create an effective financial aid campaign in your school or community. Ten steps with the guidance and materials you will need.

For Students: Facts About Paying for College

This advertising-free website is full of good financial advice for students. Offering teen-tested articles along with videos and games on college expenses, loans, financial aid & much more.

For Students & Families: Designer Handouts

Discover Loans offers a full suite of beautifully designed financial curriculum materials for educators and counselors. (The sales pitch is minimal on the documents.) Worth a look.


First Stop: Starter Videos

Videos are a great way to get started with FAFSA & financial aid, but where to start? New York State has compiled a short video library featuring the basics: financial aid, FAFSA, the FSA ID troubleshooting, and more.

Ten Minutes to Your FSA ID

Parents and students must create an FSA ID to start working on their FAFSA. It’s a simple step, but a lot can go wrong. This short, soothing video will get families started.

College Admissions & Finding Yourself

Do your students need inspiration? Share Dr. Chris Emdin’s video on Instagram: “Your ticket to college is more than test scores and good grades — it’s showing the whole YOU!”

More Help

How to Write a Financial Aid Appeal Letter (+ Examples)

From a popular authority on writing great letters to colleges: A simple yet thorough how-to for students seeking to get more money from colleges. Downloadable PDF available.

Student Personal Finance: Games & Lessons

NexGen Personal Finance offers an arcade of games for teaching biz and personal finance. (Social media wannabes: You gotta play Influenc’d.) Ready-to-go lesson plans for teachers.

Future Grad: A Financial Aid Helper

Financial aid can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. FutureGrad is a step-by-step web tool helping students keep track of deadlines and requirements so they get the aid they need.