Video: Strategies for Getting the Most Financial Aid

Juniors: Are you building your college list, but worried about how you’ll pay for school?

The good news is that it is possible to find a good college in any price range. But it’s important to know how college pricing and college financial aid work.

Recently, the Brooklyn Alpha Lions Club invited us to talk about financial aid and to answer some of the most frequent questions we’ve been hearing from families and counselors.

We discussed:


What You Need To Know

Our presentation ran 90 minutes, and we covered a lot. You may be interested in all, or just a part, of what we discussed.

If you have a limited amount of time, follow these tips to get the most out of watching our presentation:

Download the presentation

Our PPT dek, Financial Aid: Landscape and Strategies, is packed with helpful information and links.

Watch what you want

Look through our video show notes below. Use the time markers to navigate to the material that matters most to you.

Reach out with questions

Need more information about financing college or applying for aid? We can point you to immediate help. Email Kim Nauer.



Video Show Notes

Introductions (Minute 1:00)

What is financial aid, really? (Minute 6:00)

What kind of financial aid can I get? (Minute 15:40)

How do I apply for aid? (Minute 35:50)

Why is the FAFSA important & how is it changing? (Minute 40:50)

How do I get as much free money as possible? (Minute 1:01:08)

What do I need to know about loans and debt? (Minute 1:07:10)

Q&A (Minute 1:26:00)