What to do After the FAFSA is Filed

My FAFSA is done. What comes next?

Wait for your college acceptance letters! In some cases, the acceptance letters will also tell you how much aid you can get from the government and the college’s own scholarship funds. Often, however, a college will send its financial aid letter a bit later. Different colleges will give you different amounts of aid.

What kind of financial help can I expect?

Every college that accepts you will provide a letter or email describing how much the college will cost—and what the college can offer you to help you pay to go there. This will probably be a mix of grants and scholarships (money that is given to you), loans (which you must pay back) and work-study (money you can earn). This is called a “financial aid package.” It is important that you look at each package carefully, so you select a college you can truly afford.

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